Treehouses at Farncombe Estate

Magical treetop hideaways

A lot of the things we loved most as children we have had to give up as adults: watching the same film 18 times, making robots out of cereal boxes, shamelessly eating raw cake mix in public, and so on. But there is at least one pleasure that we can still take into adulthood, albeit with a few adjustments for size: treehouses.

Release your inner child

You don’t have to be a kid to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of treehouses. That’s why we’re building three of them at The Fish Hotel. Scheduled for completion in May 2018, these spectacular arboreal retreats will embody all the pleasures you’d remember as a kid (namely the fact they’re houses up trees), plus a handful of more grown up perks, such as ensuite bathrooms, underfloor heating, Nespresso machines and a remarkably well stocked minibar.


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