Going Green and Giving Back

As Kermit once said, it’s not always easy being green. However, here at Farncombe we recognise how lucky we are to be nestled in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. That is why, within all of our projects and developments here on the Estate, we aim to integrate ecological, environmental and sustainable solutions, to enhance and preserve the beautiful countryside around us.

From future plans of building our own Solar Farm to Poly Tunnels for yearly food production, here is what we’re doing on our hill to make life a little greener:


Cleaning up, caring and contributing

Here at Farncombe we are proud to say that for the last 3 years we have sent 0% of our waste to landfill.

But where does it go?

We recycle 75% of all our waste with the remaining 25% sent directly to a waste incineration plant, which generates electricity. On top of this,  all of our food waste goes directly to our close neighbours at Northwick Park who have an anerobic digester (a super sustainable process, utilising micro-organisms to break down biodegradable material) which they use to generate green electricity.

In the future, we hope to procure our own anerobic digester so we can reduce our transport costs even more. 

Better than any 5G!

When we have switched it on and off ONE too many times and it is time to say goodbye to our beloved IT equipment, instead of throwing it away, we’re currently working with an organisation who recycle parts of the computer and make it a working function for schools in Africa.

Beep, Beep – Its all Electric!

Across the Estate, we now have 17 electric charging ports for our fellow electric car drivers to use when they visit us. In addition to this, all 3 of our hotels use Hybrid cars to help our guests move about – so everyone can enjoy giving a bit back to the environment during their stay!

However, we didn’t stop there! Our fabulous Housekeeping staff all use electric buggies to move about the Estate and we have an aim to completely remove all our diesel vehicles and replace them with electric vehicles. Look out, the Eco-Fleet is coming!

What a water-ful world…

We can use our own Estate springs to fulfil our water needs. Which means, in the future, we hope to use non-chlorinated water on the lower end of the Estate.


Superhero choices…

With great power, comes great responsibility… Literally! With over 400 acres and 3 hotels to provide electricity to, we make every possible choice to give back to our planet.

To begin, all of our electric energy comes from green producers and we only use LED lighting to maximise our efficiency. Moreover, all our new installations have intelligent BMS’s meaning that our energy usage is consistently monitored to utilise its full potential.

Lastly, we manage and maintain our own HV network estate-wide, which allows us to add/connect sustainable power supplies as we see fit moving forward.


Fish facelift…

The Fish Hotel has gone through many changes over the years, all for the betterment of our environment.

The Lodge and The Stables both pocess enviable underfloor heating which keeps the temperature at a consistent 22 degrees, meaning decreased heating costs for us and increased toasty toes for our guests!

On top of this, 10 of our Coach House bedrooms enjoy their hot water from an air source hot water tank and we also replaced our inefficient Gas boilers at the Lodge too- You just can’t stop us!

Look at Nook!

One of our favourite things to do when planning for any future builds/renovations at Farncombe, is looking into green alternatives for typically harmful actions. For example, our new Hillside Hangout property Nook has a 16W array of Solar panels for electricity and hot water. In addition, the corresponding battery storage means that even when the sun is gone, we can heat and light Nook without using alternative means.  


Land & Farming 

Tree-ting the Environment

Goodbye carbon footprint!

On the Estate we continue to commit to our tree planting program, in which we plant what we print. Simple right? So, our IT gurus monitor how many trees we use through print, and then… you guessed it. Every tree we use we replant. 

Farncombe is also happy to say that we have joined the Countryside Stewardship Scheme in order to have further funding to support our projects on preserving insect life, animal protection and organic farming. For example, we are currently working on a wildflower project near our beehives to contribute to our buzzy friends wellbeing.  

What’s more, we have committed to rewilding 56 acres of previous farmland on the estate as well as leaving our hedgerow to flourish so that we can further promote wildlife growth in those area.


Our Farncombe Family…

It is our belief that family cares for each other, and we strive to give as much as we get. From sponsoring our local sport teams, to partaking in non-profit organisations such as Hospitality Action and working with the Living wage foundation, we strive to repay those who support us most.

Additionally, we have internal schemes (such as our Farncombe Bus which helps subsidise transport to those who do not own a vehicle) and plans to help the wellbeing and eco-contributions of our staff. These include future allotments for our staff to grow their own produce, revisiting the bike scheme and further encouragement of the salary sacrifice scheme to allow our workers access to electric vehicles.

We’re green and going greener…

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