Green and getting greener

As Kermit once said, it’s not always easy being green. However, here at Farncombe Estate we recognise how lucky we are to be nestled in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. That is why, within all of our project and developments here on the Estate, we aim to integrate ecological, environmental and sustainable solutions, to enhance and preserve the beautiful countryside around us.

From future plans of taking Foxhill Manor off the grid with our own solar farm to donating our old IT equipment to support schools in Africa, here is what we’re doing on our hill to make life a little greener:

A big, fat 0% of our waste goes to landfill!

Yes, you read that right! We changed waste suppliers in 2016 which saved the Estate some pennies and also reduced the road miles travelled, but ‘reduced’ was not enough for us. That is why, this year we renegotiated our waste contract and now we send 0% of our waste to landfill.

So where does it go?…we hear you ask. We recycle 75% of all our waste with the remaining 25% being sent directly to a waste incineration plant, which generates electricity. Goodbye landfill.

What is more, all of our food waste now goes directly to our close neighbours at Northwick Park who have an anerobic digester (basically a super sustainable process that uses micro-organisms to break down biodegradable material).

Better than any 5G!

When we have switched it on and off ONE too many times and it is time to say goodbye to our beloved IT equipment, instead of throwing it away, we’re currently working with an organisation who recycle parts of the computer and make it a working function for schools in Africa.

Tree-ting the environment

Goodbye carbon footprint. On the Estate we continue to commit to our tree planting program, in which we plant what we print. Simple right? So, our IT gurus monitor how many trees we use through print, and then… you guessed it. Every tree we use we replant.

Escape to the sun!

We are currently in a pre-application stage to build a Solar Farm on the land at Bibsworth Farm. The initial plan is to generate enough energy to supply all the demands for Foxhill Manor, taking the Manor off the grid! Watch this space…

Lean, green energy

All the Estate buildings including all our new developments, The Fish and Foxhill are all now powered by completely green energy.

In the future, we aim to negotiate a green supply for Dormy House too (don’t worry, it’s on the to-do list). We will continue to expand the power network as we develop, this is likely to take several years. We will then individually monitor each building for its electrical performance.

What a water-ful world…

We can use our own Estate springs to fulfil our water needs. Which means, in the future, we hope to use non-chlorinated water on the lower end of the Estate.

Fish facelift…

The Lodge at The Fish Hotel, received a revamp which included more insulation in all the ceiling voids as well as underfloor heating. Say hello to toasty toes as this keeps the temperature at a consistent 22 degrees.

Two birds with one stone, as this refurbishment also replaced old inefficient gas boilers. We also waved goodbye to halogen and sodium bulbs, as part of the refurb all the lights in the building were upgraded to LED lightening.

Hot tropic…

We installed ground source heating to The Stables at The Fish Hotel. We have replaced a dilapidated, inadequate system with two modern heat exchange pumps. As part of this process a larger heat loop was installed in the activity field to help raise the base temperature. We also looked at the room controls and replaced the original thermostats for modern, digital thermostats which allows us to set the room minimum temperature each day. We have also installed air source hot water at the Coach House which provides hot water to ten premium bedrooms at the hotel.

Lights, camera, we took action…

We have installed low voltage, LED lighting across the Estate which included 470 timber post lights all of which were manufactured onsite. We have replaced sodium bulb mushroom lights, which were not very energy efficient and well…didn’t look very nice either! Finally, all the outside lightings are now on timers, to ensure that they’re only used when necessary.

We’re green and going greener…

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