Mathieu’s Hearty Onion Soup

Mathieu’s Hearty Onion Soup

Move over cream of tomato and step aside chicken and mushroom there’s another soup in town. As normal British summertime weather, grey and cloudy, resumes we thought what better time to share Mathieu’s recipe for hearty onion soup. Simply delicious.

How to make your soup!

Firstly, slice your onions as thinly as possible.

Sweat the onions in a pan over a low heat with 100g butter.

Once the onions are soft gradually turn up the heat until the onions are caramelised.

Add the cider and bouquet garni to your pan then heat until the mixture is reduced by half.

Add your stock and simmer for a further 10 minutes.

Thinly slice a baguette loaf and toast it lightly under the grill. Add the cheese on top and grill until melted.

Sprinkle the soup with some thyme leaves before serving. Enjoy!

The taste test…

Now tuck in!

We think that’s the face of approval…right?


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