Ellie and Taylor’s Cumin Granola

Ellie and Taylor’s Cumin Granola

If the Easter weekend has left you (like us) full to the brim with hot cross buns, lamb and well chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate we have the perfect, immune-boosting breakfast for you.

Rich in iron, potassium and zinc, cumin has lots of health boosting properties including aiding digestion and weight loss (hello, sign us up).

So why not kick-start your day with a hearty bowl of goodness with Dormy House chefs Ellie and Taylor’s tasty recipe for Cumin Granola?!


Step 1

Place all the ingredients except the oats into a pan and gently melt.

Step 2

Add the oats and thoroughly mix in.

Step 3

Lay the oat mixture onto a tray and bake in a preheated oven set at 165 degrees.

Step 4

Cook for around 30 minutes turning the mixture every five minutes until golden brown.

Step 5

Leave to cool. 

Then top your granola with whatever you like from Greek yogurt, dried fruit to seasonal berries, it’s entirely up to you.

Then…tuck in!


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