Bash vs. Blanchard: Egg Challenge

Bash vs. Blanchard

Over the next couple of weeks Dormy dynamic duo, Mathieu Blanchard and Kathryn Bash, will be going head (Chef) to head (Chef) to see who can create the most delicious lockdown dishes from home.

Oh, but only it was that easy. Each week Culinary Director, Martin Burge, will be carefully selecting a different ingredient each week which they must build their tastebud tingling recipe around.

This week’s challenge is no yolk and we shell be very interested to see what egg-cellent recipes the two prepare…and if you haven’t already guessed by our cracking puns (sorry couldn’t resist) the ingredient this time is…egg!

We reckon this week’s competition is going to be egg-remely close, but which one would you vote for? Head over to our Instagram channel (@dormyhouse) to get involved.

Bash’s Crispy Hen Egg and BBQ Pumpkin

For this week’s challenge Bash is hoping to squash the competition (sorry Matt) with her delicious BBQ pumpkin served with crispy hen eggs.

This dish is full of gourdness and flavour, including a kick from the tangy miso paste and a light, refreshing burst of pomegrante.

So it’s time to fire up the BBQ (yup, in November) and give this tasty recipe a try.

Prepping your pumpkin…

  • Firstly cut your pumpkin into thirds and season generously with salt and oil.
  • Next head to your barbeque. Once hot, char the flesh of your pumpkin on both sides, then leave on the skin side to cook through.
  • If your barbeque is starting to go out before it is cooked, finish cooking your pumpkin in the oven.
  • Once cooked through, leave to cool.
• Bring a deep pan of water to the boil, add salt and a generous amount of vinegar (this helps you to get a nice shape to the egg).
• When the water has boiled turn down the heat to a simmer, so it looks like champagne bubbles.
• Crack your eggs in one at a time and cook for two minutes. This may vary depending on the size of your eggs.
• Check that it is cooked and then put straight into ice water.
• Once completely cooled, peel and spiralize the potato and dab with a cloth to remove some of the water.
• Trim the egg to a nice shape and wrap in the potato strings. Not too tight or it might burst.
• Fry in oil at 180°C.
• Season once it is fried.
For your barbeque pumpkin soup you will need:

  • 300g of barbeque pumpkin
  • ½ white onion
  • 500ml vegetable stock
  • 1tsp white miso paste

Then follow the below steps:

• Dice the onion and sweat in a little oil and salt.
• Next add the pumpkin, no need to chop as it will break down easily when you mix it.
• Add the white miso paste.
• Then add the stock gradually and simmer until cooked.
• Blend and pass through a sieve.
• Season with salt and leave to one side.

For your miso pumpkin you will need:

  • 100g barbeque pumpkin
  • 1tsp miso paste
  • Salt
  • 10ml balsamic vinegar

Put all the above ingredients in a bowl and beat together into a nice paste consistency.

To garnish your dish add toasted pumpkin seeds, fresh pomegranate and pumpkin oil.


Bash ‘nose’ she’s on to a winner with this recipe…

Mathieu’s Coffee and Caramel Floating Island…

This week Matt has his egg-er eyes firmly on the prize. With one win already under his belt, has he peaked or will he take a second victory with his delicious coffee cream and caramel floating island?

Sorry, I beg your Dolly Pardon he is making a what…

A floating island (without the stream) but with coffee and cream!

To make your floating island:

  • Pour your 750ml of milk into a large pan and let it simmer on the stove.
  • Whilst this is simmering, start whisking your egg whites.
  • When the whites start to thicken and form peaks, add your sugar and keep whisking until the meringue is nice and firm.
  • You can always take Matt’s test to make sure your meringues are ready…but we wouldn’t risk it!
• Now your meringue is done, your milk should be steaming hot (not boiling).
• Form quenelles of meringue and lay them in the pan steaming of milk.
• Leave them to cook for 2 minutes on each side.
• Once cooked, take them out of the pan and leave them to cool on a rack.
• Once all the meringues are cooked, pass the milk into a fresh pan using a sieve and keep it warm as you will need this to make your cream.
To make your caramel:

  • In a pan, weigh 250g of sugar and melt on a low heat.
  • Keep your sugar on a low heat, until you get a nice colouration.
  • Make sure your pan is clean and dry before you start and don’t stir the sugar with anything otherwise it will crystalise.
• Pour a layer of the caramel of your merginue island.
Spread what is left on parchment paper and leave to cool down. When cold break it into small piece to create a caramel tuile.
To create your coffee cream:
• Whisk your egg yolks with the sugar until the mixture whitens.
• Then pour 1/3 of the warm milk from your meringue mixture and whisk again. Do this process slowly to avoid creating lumps.
• Next slowly add the rest of the milk and mix again.
• Put your mixture back on the stove onto a low heat and keep stirring with a spatula.
• Use a spatula to stir and not a whisk, otherwise it will create a scrambled egg consistency instead of a nice thick cream (yack!)
• Next add the coffee beans, vanilla and coffee liqueur
• Keep stirring until you get a thick consistency.
• When cooked pass the mixture through a sieve and let it cool down in the fridge before serving.
Then it’s finally time to try your floating island. Pour in a bowl some coffee cream, add two islands (one covered in caramel, one with a caramel tuile). Then grab yourself a coffee, sit back and enjoy this egg-tremely sweet treat.

Show us how it’s done Mathieu…


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