David’s Lobster Burger Fakeaway

 David’s Lobster Burger Fakeaway

It’s no easy feat keeping the kids fed and watered, let alone on a Friday night when the “T” word is often the hot topic of conversation before you’ve even hit the school run.

Now, we’ve all caved to the call of the golden arches on more than one occasion, especially when a happy meal often equals happy families.

That is why, our fab Head Chef, David Hall, is on a mission (nope, he’s not going full Jamie Oliver). Over the next couple of weeks, he will be taking some of his kids favourite takeaways and creating hearty, wholesome, homemade fakeaway alternatives.

Then it’s down to the harsh judges (aka David’s tiddlers) to vote which they prefer.

This week will they vote in favour of David’s flavoursome lobster and garlic butter burger, or their Friday night fave the classic McDonalds hamburger.

Keep scrolling to see if they voted takeaway or fakeaway.

Creating a lob-stir

For your lobster:

  • Strike the lobster through the head, where there is a cross on the shell, with a sharp knife.
  • Next remove its tail and claws
  • Then cook the tail in rapidly salted boiling water for six minutes (cooking time based on a 1kg lobster).
  • Refresh in ice water, then remove the lobster from its shell.
  • Repeat the process with your claws. Cook claws in rapidly boiling salted water this time for four minutes.
  • Refresh in ice water, then remove from their shells.

Once you’re ready to serve, heat your lobster by grilling with garlic butter.

For your garlic butter blend the following ingredients together: 

  • 250g salted butter
  • 10g garlic
  • 20g parsley

For your burger patties you will need: 

  • 600g rib cap mince
  • 300g rump mince
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 2g black pepper

To prepare your patties, mix all of the above ingredients then weigh into two four ounce patties.

Then pan fry your burger patties and grill your lobster tail in theb garlic butter. Then it’s time to build your burger, stack your lobster and burger in a bun, and garnish how you wish. Enjoy!

 Did they vote takeaway or fakeaway?

*Drum roll please*

They stuck with their takeaway! Better luck next week David!


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