Rich’s Garlic and Truffle Baked Wigmore

Rich’s Garlic and Truffle Baked Wigmore

It’s National Cheese Day and Rich is back with a recipe that will leave you wanting Wigmore, more, more! This week he will be showing you how to make a beautiful baked garlic and truffle Wigmore sharer, complete with warm, homemade flatbread.

This recipe makes the perfect sharing starter, that is if you Camembert to share yours…

Rich is using Wigmore, a semi-soft cheese made from ewe’s milk, perfect for baking. It is comparable to Brie and Camembert in taste and texture, so if you’re feeling sheepish about Wigmore, you can always use these cheeses instead.

Cheese Galore

Firstly preheat your oven to 180 degrees.
Score the top of the Wigmore in a crisscross pattern and place your garlic wedges in the gaps. I have used one clove of garlic cut into six wedges, however, you can always add more if you like.
Next drizzle 20ml of truffle oil over the top of your Wigmore. Chop and sprinkle 5g of fresh rosemary and thyme evenly across your cheese.
Season with a pinch of Maldon sea salt and cracked black pepper, then bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted and gooey.

Flatb-ready to go!

In a bowl mix together 250g strong flour, 85g natural yogurt and 2g salt.

Next warm 25g and 50g water, be sure not to make the mixture too hot otherwise you will kill you yeast.

Once the mixture is warm, add your yeast and wait for it to dissolve.

Once your yeast has dissolved, use the dough hook setting on your mixer to combine your two mixtures to create your dough.

Next, knead your dough for five minutes, then cover your dough in a bowl and leave to prove in a warm place. When the dough has doubled in size, it’s ready to use.

Knock back and then weigh the dough into 50g balls.


Roll your 50g ball out into flatbreads, then dry fry in a hot pan until cooked.
Then your homemade flatbreads are ready to be dipped in cheese. Go wild!

I have teamed my flatbread and baked Wigmore with a gorgeously sweet tomato and onion marmalade. Enjoy!



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