Top 5 Hangouts on the Hillside

Top 5 Places to Hangout in the Cotswolds

Broadway Deli

Nestled amongst chocolate box shops in the stunning village of Broadway is independent delicatessen and café, Broadway Deli.

The Deli is less than a 10-minute drive from our Hillside Hangouts, making it the perfect place to swing by and stock up on fresh, local produce. From vibrant veggies, creamy cheeses to jams and pickles galore, it’s your one-stop staycation shop!

What’s more their cosy café, packed with warm buttery pastries and their must-try sausage rolls, makes for the ultimate hibernation hangout this autumn.

Cotswolds Distillery

There is gin then there is Cotswolds Distillery Gin. Get the gang together for a gin (or two) with a visit to our pals at the Cotswolds Distillery.

Just a short drive from the Hillside Hangouts, take the team tipple tasting with one of their tours or get to grips with their gins with a brilliantly boozy masterclass.

After all, it’s always gin o’clock here in the Cotswolds, book now.

Little Soap Company

These guys are soap-er and their HQ is based a stone’s throw away from the Hangouts.

Down in the picturesque village of Broadway, Emma and her team run the Little Soap School where you can swat up on the sudsy know-how and create your own bars of bubbles.

We absolutely love their Eco Warrior Shampoo, it smells superb and helps save the planet, Emma you’re a woman after our own (and David Attenborough’s) hearts.

The Cotswold Chocolate Company

Our buddies at The Cotswolds Chocolate Company really know how to raise the…bar… when it comes to making artisan chocolate.

Strolling through Broadway you will probably smell the delicious aromas before you even see their quaint shop tucked away on the high street.

To filling your boots with indulgent, homemade chocolates to treating your loved ones to sweet, sweet souvenirs The Cotswold Chocolate Company is a must when staying on the Estate.

Owners, Tony and Heidi have also just opened another little shop in Stow-on-the-Wold, where you might even find them making chocolates in their on-site kitchen. If you have a sweet tooth beware, their treats are highly delicious and oh-so moreish.

Broadway Perfumery

For a fragrance filled getaway venture to The Cotswold Perfumery and spend a day in the lab creating your own unique signature scent. After all, what is better memento of your trip than a perfect, personalised perfume?

The Owner, John, is one of only six independent perfumers in the UK (wow, right!?), and his fragrances are worn by perfume enthusiasts around the world – including Queen Lizzie herself.

To find out more and to book please click here.

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