Sleep Tight with Leaf Envy

Sleep Tight with Leaf Envy

We all know that deep, quality sleep is vital for our wellbeing but it is something that remains out of reach for many of us. Day-to-day stresses and our digital and social obsession are both factors that can cause havoc with that much-needed zzzz.

It is no secret that a relaxing getaway is one way to leave our stresses behind, but with holidays and trips away not possible at the moment, we’ve teamed up Leaf Envy to give you some top tips for a great night’s sleep at home.

Create a relaxing environment…

It is widely accepted that nature helps us transition from a state of stress towards a state of relaxation. Making sure your space is clean, calm and clutter-free is important whilst the right lighting, ambience and some good indoor plants all help aid a good night’s sleep!

Temperate control…

Did you know that high humidity can promote the growth of mould and dust mites? No-one wants that! Similar to an air purifier, plant leaves produce negative ions which work to remove mould and dust. Making sure your temperature is controlled is key.

A good bed…

Invest in a top-quality mattress – the best you can afford, and ensure you have the correct pillow. The right pillow can ease aches and pains and also ensures a healthy spinal alignment. It is also worth investing in some fab bed linen – the stuff that makes you want to dive bomb it. Do it, it will make you feel great, we promise!

Bring the outdoors in…

Plants have so many health benefits, a major one being they detoxify the effects of polluted air. Because they release oxygen and remove harmful chemicals, air quality is improved, and so are your chances of a restful slumber!

Last but not least…

Ban your phone…

Take some time out and avoid looking at your screen at least an hour before bed. The “do not disturb” is a great feature to make sure you’re left in peace – put it on, like you would on your hotel door!

Leaf Envy’s favourite plants in promoting a good night’s sleep are:

1. Snake Plant– Produce oxygen 24/7 – meaning you’ll have clean air at all times of the day.

2. Philodendron – A winner for air purification as they work to absorb harmful toxins from the air

3. Golden Pothos – These guys filter toxins and remove odor, not to mention they are incredibly easy to care for.

4. Peace Lily – Not only leave your bedroom looking beautiful but will purify indoor air at the same time! Not bad if you ask us…

Or leave your day-to-day stresses behind at one and enjoy a good night’s sleep at one of Farncombe Estate’s three hotels: Dormy House, The Fish and Foxhill Manor.

If you have any sleepy tips – send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.


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