No Scrubs Pamper Night

No  Scrubs Pamper Night

Now more than ever it’s really important that we make self-care and wellbeing a priority, and what better place to start than with a pamper night with a group of gals with a whole lot of spa-rkle and know-how…our fabulous spa team of course!

Not only do they hold a 5-star bubble rating (thank you, Good Spa Guide), but these lovely ladies know a thing about TLC.

And as it’s #GetFitwithFarncombe week, they have agreed to let you in on all the tricks of the trade, from supplements and scrubs to face masks and meditations. So sit back, relax and lets get pampering!

Supplements, Serums and Self-care with Sara…

It’s more important than ever at the moment to make sure our immune systems are being boosted, so I’m making sure I’m taking vitamin supplements every day, especially vitamin C.

I’m also pushing myself to do yoga/stretching/flexibility classes at home. With not moving about as much as we normally would be, I find my body is sometimes aching, so this is helping a lot. By doing this it’s also helping me mentally, just by focusing on something mindful.

With the cold weather my skin has gone really dry. So I’m making sure I apply a facial oil every day and exfoliating every week to help with this.

Make sure you’re making time for yourself, a pamper session really does make the world of difference to how you feel in yourself.

Re-set and Re-charge with Rosie’s Daily Rituals…

Taking care of yourself is more important now than ever, body and mind. Meditation is becoming much more popular nowadays due to its mental, physical, and emotional benefits. Taking just 5 minutes a day to focus on different sensations of the body and your surroundings whilst practicing deep breathing techniques, can really help to rebalance and ground yourself.

For an at home spa experience, I recommend a #SelfcareSunday ritual consisting of a hot bath with a dash of Temple Spa’s relaxing Drift Away Oil in, this can really help to soothe the muscles and mind. I would also suggest doing this with the addition of a face mask, such as Temple Spa’s Be Calm Mask, it will make your skin feel super soft, soothed and plump.

Tracey’s day in the life of a furloughed Spa Therapist…

Every morning I wake and do yoga stretches whilst in bed. I then have a healthy breakfast, then a bubble bath whilst listening to guided meditations or a podcast. Twice a week I will use a dry body brush as this helps boost the immune system and eliminate cellulite.

Later in the day I’ll do either a HIIT workout, pilates or yoga, which I alternate between. Followed by a light lunch.

I then usually meet up with a friend on a video call.

I also like to do something creative such as decorating, upholstery or upcycling furniture, whilst listening to music.

Every night I cleanse, tone and give myself a facial using an anti ageing essential oil serum which I blend myself. I use Beata Aleksadrowicz (The Face Whisperer) movements to lift and firm the face, then drift off to a peaceful sleep…

Megan’s Dormy DIY Scrub

Wave goodbye to dry, wintery skin and say hello to your new skincare saviour, Megan’s Dormy DIY scrub. This super scrub can be made quickly and easily at home, with just a few ingredients, perfect for those much-needed self-care sessions.

For your scrub you will need:

  • Brown sugar
  • Coconut oil
  • An essential oil, Megan used Doterra in hers which is a mixture of lemon and lavender.

To make your sensational scrub, all you need to do is mix the above ingredients together, then apply before you get into the shower. Rub the exfoliant in circular motions over your body, paying extra attention to particularly dry areas such as your elbows and knees. Then simply shower the exfoliant off, and this will leave your skin moisturised and glowing. Enjoy.

This treatment is perfect before applying tanning products, but also great as part of your skincare routine to help remove dry and flaky skin.


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