Bash vs. Blanchard: Haddock Challenge

Bash vs. Blanchard

This week dynamic Dormy duo, Kathyrn Bash and Matthieu Blanchard, are back with another head (Chef) to head (Chef) challenge, they will be making your tastebuds tingle and mouths water with their delicious recipes.

For this challenge their dishes must be based around the fish-tastic haddock, but which recipe will have you hooked?

Will it be the brilliant Bash with her egg-remely tasty scotch eggs with firey curry sauce or the magnificent Mathieu with his kedgeree showstopper, jam-packed with flavoursome rice and chunks of sensationally smoked haddock.

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Bash’s Egg-remely Tasty Scotch Egg

This week or yolks are off, as Bash goes for her fourth (yes, fourth) consecutive win. But are her scrummy scotch treats enough to keep Blanchard off the top spot?

Lightly coated in golden brown panko breadcrumbs, filled with beautifully runny egg and smoked haddock and served with a sensationally spicy curry sauce, these scotch snacks are egg-tremely tasty!

Creating your curry…

• Melt your butter in a pan, then add your onions and garlic and sweat until softened.
• Next add your fruit, curry powder, turmeric, ginger and star anise.
• Then continue to sweat down for a couple of minutes.
• Proceed to add your vegetable stock and then leave on a low heat until the liquid has reduced.
• Then add your vinegar and corn flour to the mixture.
• Remove from the heat, and blend in a food processor.
• Finally, season with salt and lemon and leave to one side for later.

Ready, eggy, cook…

  • Firstly, boil your eggs for 6 minutes.
  • Then plunge straight into ice water to chill.
  • When cool peel of the shell carefully.
  • To cook your haddock, place in a pan and cover with milk. Heat on the stove until cooked all the way through and then leave to cool.
  • Then blend the raw haddock in a food processor.
  • Next add the dill, salt and lemon and mix together.
  • When cool, flake in the cooked haddock to the rest of the mixture and stir.

• Next weigh you fish mixture into 100g balls.
• Then flatten the ball onto the palm of your hand. Put an egg into the center and wrap it in the mixture, smoothing it around and creating a nice shape as you go. Repeat with the rest of your mixture.
• Next pop your scotch eggs in the fridge to chill.
• Then pane your scotch eggs by coating in flour (tapping off the excess), then dunk in egg and finally cover in panko breadcrumbs.

• Place back in the fridge for a little while.
• Whilst your eggs are chilling, bring a pan of oil up to 180 degrees.
• Then fry each egg for 2 minutes.
• Finally cook in the oven at 180 degrees for 5 minutes.
• Then they’re all ready to eat! Enjoy!

Mathieu’s Knock-Out Kedgeree

This week Matt is showing you how to make a knock-out kegderee.

With mouthfuls of flakey fish, perfectly complimented by wild rice and a tangy curry sauce, this fishy dish is a sure family fave.

But will it be enough to take first place in this week’s head (Chef) to head (Chef)? Only time will tell!

Spicing your sauce…

For your curry sauce you will need:

  • 2 medium carrot
  • 1 leek (white only)
  • 3 shallots
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 2 celery stick
  • 1 juice of one lime
  • 300g cream
  • 2 tbsp curry powder
  • Salt
  • Peel and cut all your vegetables into thin pieces.
  • Then sweat them in a pan, until they become tender.
  • Next add your curry powder and lime juice to the mixture.
  • Then pour your cream into the pan and then bring the mixture to the boil.
  • Continue to cook for five minutes then blitz in a food processor.
  • Finally, pass through a sieve. If you’d like your sauce a little thinner, you can always add some extra milk from the haddock.

How to create perfectly cooked haddock…

To cook your haddock you’ll need:

  • 500ml milk
  • 1 fillet of haddock
  • Firstly, portion your haddock fillet into square pieces.
  • Then bring your milk to a simmer on a low heat.
  • Lay the haddock fillet into the milk and leave it cooking for 5 minutes.
  • Then delicately remove the fish from the milk.
  • Finally remove the skin from the haddock (when cooked the skin should come off easily and in one piece).

For your eggs:

  • Bring a pan of water to the boil.
  • Then cook in simmering water for 7 minutes.
  • When cooked peel the eggs under running, cold water.

To create your wild rice:

  • Firstly cook your rice in boiling water and drain.
  • When cooked add a knob of butter to your rice and serve with chopped coriander.

Building your fishy dish…

Building your kedgeree:

  • In the bottom of your plate add your curry sauce.
  • Add a layer of the wild rice.
  • For the next layer add your haddock and slices of boiled egg.
  • Finish with a garnish of coriander and sea salt.


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